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WhenFresh is a leading analytical innovator, using advanced techniques to blend customer/prospect data with a wide range of verified 3rd party datasets to supply fully GDPR compliant data-driven services to many of the UK’s Financial Service, Insurance, Utilities, Retail and Property-related businesses.

We offer both pre-packaged products and bespoke services which are available directly from WhenFresh or via our resellers such as Royal Mail, Experian, Equifax, Acxiom, CallCredit & CDRC.

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our products/services

BuildingBehindTheBricks API

Our ‘one-stop shop’ giving instant access to 2bn+ verified, UK property-related data items for insurance form pre-fill, risk & other applications. Read More…


Buy-To-Let Insights

In-depth analysis providing UK Buy-To-Let property insights designed to minimise risk for lenders across the full portfolio. Read more…

HouseUK Whole of Household Suppression File

The definitive gone-away suppression file comprised of live daily feeds from the country’s leading property portal’s customers.  The only national estate agency-fed home move suppression file in the UK, providing accurate and up-to-date data. 

FormUK Home Insurance Renewals

Our unrivalled wealth of property-related data and proprietary algorithms can help you sell your insurance offering to the right people at the right time. Read more…


UK Property Not Yet on the Market

A model that correctly identifies when properties will be sold or rented before they are on estate agents lists. Read more…


UK Home Mover Alerts

Using advanced temporal analysis techniques, we can predict move dates AND the effect this has on purchase intent for your products and services, so you can communicate with the right consumers at the right time. Read more…


Bespoke Data Analytics

Please contact us to discuss bespoke data analytics requirements – see example case study below.

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about us

WhenFresh is a “Data as a Service” company.

Taking datafeeds from Zoopla and a wide range of verified, compliant 3rd party UK datasets, our data scientists use advanced customer analytics to build off-the-shelf products and services and bespoke models for a wide range of applications including customer retention & acquisition, insurance form pre-fill, risk, compliance and suppression.

Our products and services are fully GDPR-compliant and are available both direct from WhenFresh and via resellers such as Royal Mail, Experian, Equifax, Acxiom, CallCredit. If you buy data services from any of these resellers, there’s a good chance you’re already using WhenFresh data!

Using predictive analytics we can also help companies to identify key life events, such as moving house or buying a car, before they happen, uncovering intent as purchasing decisions are forming.

Technology and data are only as good as the people behind them. We’ve built an expert team from many innovative businesses including,,, Microsoft and Zoopla.

case study

A Leading Energy Provider

With six million people moving home each year the impact of disconnection is extremely costly.
A leading energy provider wanted to engage with customers before they moved.

3 months before
Day of move
3 months after

We scored the company’s customer data, identifying which customers were likely to move and, crucially, when.
The energy provider assessed our moments of intent insights against their business and marketing intelligence reports and modelled the potential incremental cost savings for retention strategies.
The results were so strong that event driven communications are now an essential component to the business’s on-going CRM strategy.


  • 30% increase in customer retention
  • 50% reduction in cost to serve
  • 3.5x return on investment

We apply this same methodology for banks, insurers, retailers, telecoms providers and more.
To get started building your own right time strategy by identifying customer intent before it happens, get in touch today.

our resellers

WhenFresh partners with only the industry’s best data providers, spanning some of the most innovative companies in their field.
If you are interested in becoming a WhenFresh reseller, please click here.


To get started building your own right time strategy, get in touch today.


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